Drawing is the medium I have chosen for this last part of the course

I have uploaded details of a book and a video of my drawings here as well as a sample of life drawings


A line between two points is a marker. It can represent space, a journey or the passing of time.

If it is repeated it can be a part of a process, a ritual, or a mantra for the mind.

I take a moment, a space, a journey between two points – the pier at Baltimore and the pier at Sherkin and I join them with the marks I make as the ferry moves inexorably between the two points.

I take paper and crayons and I record the process, once I have made a mark on the paper what I saw has gone.

The marks I make are records of this experiential process.

There is no proof it was as I saw it, or that I saw it at all.

They represent time in space, and they are a record that I did exist for those moments when I took the journey on that ferry and that I did arrive.







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